Benefits of Fabric Pots

Fabric pots are one of the best ways to plant any plant regardless of type. From Orchids to fruiting trees to perennials, fabric pots provide many benefits such as air pruning, perfect soil to moisture retention, temperature stability and of course these all equal bigger plants. Many people in the hydroponics industry have used fabric pots and embraced their many benefits due to the simple fact that the choice of using fabric will give a healthier root system which in turn gives one a larger yield. Simple, bigger roots = stronger plants, fabric pots will do this!


Air Pruning

What is air pruning? 9 times out of 10, when you buy a plant in a conventional plastic pot the roots are root bound. Root bound roots happen when the roots grow to the wall of the pot and circle trying to find oxygen. This is counterproductive and in fact a very unhealthy way that the planting industry has not been able to change until now. With the use of a fabric pot, no more root bound roots. In fact the roots in a fabric pot grow horizontal and vertical until they reach the fabric wall and when the root senses oxygen, it prunes itself sending energy back to the main taproot, making more fibrous feeder roots. More feeder roots give the plant the ability to absorb more nutrients and oxygen aiding in larger fruit development and a larger healthier plant!

Temperature Stability

Did you know that when a root system rises above 83 degrees it temporarily shuts down! This fact is very important to any person looking for maximum production of their plants. In the summer months, one of the many problems with conventional plastic pots is that in hot temperatures they trap heat. Imagine that in the peak of the summer your plant shuts down for most of the day. With the use of fabric pots due to their breathability, your roots can now breathe. If the temperature is 80 degrees outside and your plant is directly in the sun, in conventional plastic pots the root ball can witness up to a 30 degree spike. Unlike conventional plastic trapping heat, fabric pots will allow the outside temperature to pass through, so if its 80 degrees outside it’s going to be 80 degrees in the fabric pot!

Moisture Retention

When it comes to the root ball of a plant, it is important to know that the number one way a plant dies is from overwatering! Using a fabric pot allows one to totally soak the root ball, then let it dry out evenly before you water the next time! Some plastic pots trick the user into believing that they are dry when in fact they’re not! A fabric pot allows you to feel the root zone and determine if it needs watering!